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Student Travel Scholarships

The iMAT Student Travel Scholarships are intended for Master's students to receive support for international research visits. The scholarship is aimed at fourth-year project students and fifth-year master's students in materials science and technology fields at Aarhus University. It provides financial support (up to 20,000 DKK) to cover travel and accommodation expenses during research stays at foreign universities or institutions (i.e. not conference participation or workshops). If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying for the scholarship, you can find details on how to apply below.


Application Process:

To apply, please submit the following information to Marie Rude Olesen (marie@chem.au.dk)

  • A brief project description (1-2 pages) outlining the purpose of your research trip.
  • A detailed budget, clearly listing travel and accommodation costs.
  • A statement from your supervisor, emphasizing the importance of your visit.
  • A short CV.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted continuously, i.e. no deadline. We'll do our best to make decisions quickly.