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Interdisciplinary Symposium with the BIOS Lab-on-chip Group

Symposium with the BIOS Lab-on-chip group (https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/bios/ ) from the MESA institute, University of Twente

2019.05.15 | Aske Jørgensen

Date Thu 16 May
Time 09:30 14:00
Location Preben Horning Stuen, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus

On Thursday May 16 next week we will have an interdisciplinary symposium with the BIOS Lab-on-chip group (https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/bios/ ) from the MESA institute, University of Twente. They will be around 35 PhDs, postdocs and VIPs coming.

Everyone are welcome to join for parts or the whole symposium.

Program for the symposium:



Talks Round 1: Electrokinetic Energy Conversion

·         Prof. Jan Eijkel

o    ‘Inertial microfluidic energy conversion’

·         Assist. Prof. Jacopo Catalano

o    ‘Electrokinetic Energy Generation and Pumping in Nanopores and Membranes’

·         PhD student Mathias Hvid

o    'Ion exchange properties and structural investigations of layered thiostannates'


Coffee Break


Talks Round 2: Catalytic Materials and Characterization

·         Assoc Prof. Nina Lock

o    'Design and characterization of Metal-organic frameworks for catalytic applications'

·         PhD Student Jeroen Vollenbroek

o    ‘Single catalyst particle diagnostics: activity analysis’

·         TBD – Menglin Chen


Lunch Break


Talks Round 3: New Tools for Cellular Engineering

·         PhD Student Joshua Loessberg-Zahl

o    ‘In gel gradient shaping for 3D cell culture’

·         Cell Mimicry – Brigitte Städler group

·         Artificial Organelles - Brigitte Städler group


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